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Searching from Entire Database

Searching from ENTIRE DATABASE is the common requirement for every dba/developer in organization. My boss is always asking to me Suman Check this 958200000  MOBILE NUMBER or   E-ID where is available and replace with this new number, he/she left the Position but still getting notification in mail or alert in mobile…  It was very time consuming task for me … But Now this is easy for me for finding. Just running the below query and after few minute gives the table name-column name and value where it contains………….. I am using below TSQL just try……….. DECLARE @SearchingText nvarchar ( 256 ) SET   @SearchingText = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX' BEGIN       CREATE TABLE #Results ( ColumnName nvarchar ( 370 ), ColumnValue nvarchar ( 3630 ))       SET NOCOUNT ON       DECLARE @TableName nvarchar ( 256 ), @ColumnName nvarchar ( 128 ), @SearchStr2 nvarchar ( 110 )       SET   @TableName = ''       SET @SearchStr2 = QUOTE