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Lock Cells in MS Excel

Hi friends if you are going to collect data or information in excel sheet and you want to restrict users to some part of fields she/he does not change or edit than this article is important for you . as i always forgetting after . This is very interesting. 1.) 1 st of All Select entire sheet by left-top-corner of sheet or by select all option and then open format cell window by ctrl+1 or by right click on sheet. Then Check mark yes to Locked option. 2.) Now  Select those cells by ctrl or one by one and again go to format cell and then unchecked the Locked option like below. 3.) Now got to Protect workbook and give the password and re-enter password.  And now check by editing the sheet, you will not edit...

DMV (Dynamic Management Views)

Backup-Restore msdb..sp_delete_backuphistory '1-Jan-2005' msdb..logmarkhistory msdb..backupset msdb..backupfile msdb..backupmediaset msdb..backupmediafamily msdb..restorefile msdb..restorefilegroup msdb..restorehistory Index Related sys.indexes sys.dm_db_index_usag sys.Indexes sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats sys.index_columns SQL Server Operating System sys.dm_os_sys_info sys.dm_os_performance_counters sys.dm_exec_requests sys.dm_exec_sessions Master..sysprocesses sys.dm_exec_connections sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks sys.dm_os_wait_stats sys.dm_os_nodes       SQL Server Agent Tables dbo.sysjobactivity dbo.sysjobhistory dbo.sysjobs dbo.sysjobschedules dbo.sysjobservers dbo.sysjobsteps dbo.sysjobste