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Difference between SQL Handle and Plan Handle

When we execute query select * from sys . dm_exec_query_stats it will show aggregate performance statistics of cached query plans of SQL Server. The details including one row per query statement within the cached plan, and the lifetime of the rows are tied to the plan itself. Details have two column SQL Handle and Plan Handle.

Configure Impersonation Authentication in IIS8 for MVC Application

Impersonation is when ASP.NET executes code in the context of an authenticated and authorized client. By default, ASP.NET does not use impersonation and instead executes all code using the same user account as the ASP.NET process, which is typically the ASPNET account. There are 5 below steps by which we can establish Impersonation configuration in our secured application environment. 1.)    Creation of Application/Proxy user where Application is hosted. 2.)    Give appropriate access to the user. 3.)    Create Database Login user on database. 4.)    Authenticate User and provide credential on IIS. 5.)    Then Configure web.config on Application.