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SQL server day 17th January 2015

I enjoyed a lot my birthday with SQL Server Community.. Luckily this year on 17 th Jan SQL Server Day organized by SQL Server geeks. SQLServergeeks is asia’s biggest SQL Server community and I am one of active member here since 3 years. There was no cacke sake, no party just learning and networking with people … Agenda was: - SQL Azure Introduction of cloud based RDBMS with SQL Azure . By Ahmed sir   Configuration of azure for our environment . #LiveDemo by Ahmed sir Backup-Restore with managed backup . #LiveDemo by sarabpreet sir Discussion about great features of #sqlazure. By sarabpreet sir We learned and enjoy a lot with 100’s of DBA who came from different companies to make successful SQL Server Day 2015. In the last big announcement made for SQL Server Geeks. They announced for Annual Summit 2015 on August 27, 28, 29, 2015 in Bangalore at NIMHANS Convention Center. And Pre-Cons on Aug 26.

Storing BLOB Data: Data Base vs NTFS File System

BLOB/Image/Videos are unstructured data. RDBMS like SQL Server is made to store relational data. File stream is new feature of SQL Server since 2008 to store large data. This is not always the best solution to store images on db. Store the pictures on the file system and picture locations in the database. My previous experience is also saying. Why? Because...

Database 'distribution' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery

Last week I faced an error on testing environment while right click on my subscriber and article property.    ------------------------------ Database 'distribution' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server error log for more information. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 926) For help, click: ------------------------------

MySQL showing Wrong Time due to time zone

Last Month Faced an Issue on one of MySQL DB Server. System Date was showing wrong while System time was correct. I compared both time like below:

How to create MySQL Link Server in SQL Server 2012

Workbench is a free tool for MySQL but it is collection of issues in working environment. So I came back on SQL Server management studio. But think if our requirement is something like what , data will be at same place in MySQL and we have to access from SQL Server. Then we can use SQL Server's  Server object’s Link server .  Today I am going to share 7 steps how I have made linked server from SQL Server to MySQL. 

Could not delete publication 'XXX'. Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15517

Hey friends, I am filling good to write my 1st post in 2015. This is related to error in replication which i faced in 2014 he he. Last month i was facing an error during roll backing Transnational replication as below.. ------------------------------ Could not delete publication 'XXX'. Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 155 17 TITLE: Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo

Wishing Happy New Year 2015