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Asia's First SQL Confrence

I remembered that when I was registered first time on SQLSERVERGEEKS and attended a session at Microsoft Gurgaon in 2012,  I have seen technology and professional life were discussed without any expectation by 3 persons including teaching,  joking and talking. I got impressed because they were different from others. I decided to continue to attend next session also. Thereafter, I faced some downfalls in my life; friends left me but I continue with the community. Sometime later Community started knowing me which gave me strength helped me to come out from trouble. Now SQLSERVERGEEK is the part of my daily life. SQLSERVERGEEEG was founded by. Mr. Amit Bansal who is the Regional Director of Microsoft, Mr. Sarbpreet S Anand (MVP) who is the President, Manohar Punna (MVP) is the Vice President and Ahmad Osama (MVP) is the Chief Technical Editor. I am constantly getting a lines from thease individual in my professional lifetime.  Do you know Friends, 2015 is the Best time for SSG

mongoDB error : aborting after fassert() failure

What to do when facing errors on mongoDB “aborting after fassert() failure” I like errors, in mongoDB this is the first error I faced and luckily many times. This error i faced during restoring name-space on local and restarting db system. I am still searching the exact root cause of this issue but i am able to resolve the current problem through below steps. Remove all relevant namespace files from data-file route path.. Now repair mongo instance using mongod process. mongod --repair ////////// execute command from bin folder path  Then start server using mongd process, if started server successfully then .. mongod  ////////// execute command from bin folder path Restore last backups as normal process. Now check database by connecting mongo shell. Thanks for reading,  Please comment your experience if you faced and also share knowledge if you have better steps to resolve...  

mySQLdump easy way to take backup of database

MySQL is very handy database and tool to manage than sql server.  Today I will backup Mysql Database from command prompt. So 1st switch to bin folder c:\programfiles\mysql\mysql server 5.5\bin:\> Now give command mysqldump -u root -p theYoungDBA d:\data\dump\ theYoungDBA .sql ;;;here < theYoungDBA > is the database which backup we will took. <d:\data\dump\ theYoungDBA .sql> is the target path where backup dump will keep. Thanks

Backup restore mongoDB Database

Hi friends,  Backup is always survival of any DBA either SQL or noSQL. My Last post was how to configure mongod process . Today i will backup and restore a mongodb database (also called namespace ) from command prompt. To take Backup execute command from \mongodb\bin\ directory Syntax Mongodump   --db <database name> eg. mongodump --db youngDBA List of associated backup files will generate we can varify from DUMP folder .. Now just for eg if I accidentally droped database from Robomongo (a mongoDB GUI tool) and i have to restore then execute command from mongodb\Bin\ mongorestore   <Source path> mongorestore  <E:\\mongodb\dump\user> This is very easy step like mySQL. Thanks