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The database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation

When database goes big it will difficult to do any administrative task and think if you have to change the name of database ; then it will be major task. I got below error while changing database name on my test database , users were loged in and i was trying to change the name , database server quickly pop-up error . I tried 2-3 times error was same like below : I followed below step to resolv e this issue :- ALTER DATABASE school SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ; GO EXEC sp_renamedb N'school' , N'SQLSchool' ; message - The database name 'SQLSchool' has been set . ALTER DATABASE SQLSchool SET MULTI_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ;

Daffodil Software Celebrated 16th Foundation Day

16 September 2015, Galaxy Hotel Gurgaon Rocked with Daffodil Software Ltd foundation Day celebration. Today Organization became 16th years old . Last 3 years went superb for organization, they achieved 3 awards, Fast 50 India, Fast 500 Asia and Emerging India. Organization is growing every day with all aspects. Daffodil Software Ltd Established by Mr. Yogesh Agrawal in year 1999. Daffodil is the f irst organization in India where Java used for Product development and in New Generation cutting edge technology MongoDB, Drupal widely being used. These are few things which make different about Daffodil. Currently Daffodil is the leading organization in their field.