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How to load huge amount of data from csv to postgre

Recently I got a defiance from a some developers regarding postgresql server is slow performance. In his opinion it is not able to fetch 5 lac record from CSV files. They show there aplication which was using (node.js+sequlize ORM). When executed it was really sucking in middle. 5 lac records are really in huge amount but postgre is alos being for high performance application. There is no question we can say that it can not able to fetch this amount of data. So I suggested him to start importing from short amount of records like top 6 then top 600 then top 6000 then 60000. Yeah he did and really it stopped after 60000 records. It failed from application, program is running, running and keep running.. So boll goes in my bucket then I started digging on database server configuration parameters like effective_cache_size, work_memory, Shared_buffers, Maximum_number_Connections, wal_buffers etc, given appropriate values as per best practices and current system resources. Then re

Backup oracle database using RMAN

RMAN (Recovery Manager) is a backup and recovery manager supplied for Oracle databases (from version 8) created by the Oracle Corporation. It provides database backup, restore, and recovery capabilities addressing high availability and disaster recovery concerns. How to start recovery manager in and connect to database? just go to bin folder of oracle and then execute C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\ rman target / <enter> or start-run-rman <enter> connect target / <enter> After connecting how to check configurations ? SHOW ALL; How to perform backup operation. BACKUP AS BACKUPSET DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG; BACKUP AS BACKUPSET DATABASE How to check backup history? LIST BACKUP SUMMARY;