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Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016

Temporal, or system-versioned tables which was introduced in SQL Server 2016, allow us to go back in time and see what the data in table looked like at that point in time. We can say a system-versioned temporal table is a type of user table designed to keep a full history of data changes and allow easy point in time analysis. This type of temporal table is referred to as a system-versioned temporal table because the period of validity for each row is managed by the system. What are the usage of Temporal Tables ? The most common business uses for temporal tables are: Slowly changing dimensions. The temporal tables provide a simpler way to querying data that is current for a specified period of time, such as time slicing data, that well-known problem on Data Warehousing databases. Data Auditing. The temporal tables provide an audit trail to determine when data was modified in the “parent” table. Temporal tables allow you to query data as it was at a particular point in time to