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ETL Features of SQL Data Platform

Either Datawarehouse or BigData, ETL or ELT is the major part, or you can say it plays a vital role in Data Transformation Life cycle. ELT-ETL used in any kind of data related operations like, Data migration, Data transformation , Business intelligence, Datawarehouse, Big data and Analytics. ETL is Extract transform and Load whereas ELT is extract load then transform. Both have their own pros and cons but now a days ELT is more popular than ETL. This is why because size of data is growing & growing for transformation. ELT also supporting Data virtualization concept where actual original data will reside on system without any modification and transformation will less. SQL server has reach sets of tools for ETL & ELT .  Here I am sharing some important Differences between ETL and ELT which we should know before jumping on features. SrlNo Dimension ETL ELT 1 Technology Adoption ETL is a well-developed process used for over 20 years ELT is a new technology 2 Co

10 Facts About

Hello Friends, Continuing my learning and sharing the concept with social media, I have planned something new this year. I will explore Cloud Database and Analytics platform and will write on "YoungDBA" platform. So I have decided to write a new chain of blogs "10 Facts About". This will mainly relate to Cloud Database and Analytics Platform. I will consider Azure at the start and later will add Aws too. 10 facts will contain, 10 important basic information related to any service provided by cloud data platform provider. This is my first post on "10 Facts About". Every week I will choose a service and will share 10 facts about that like I will start with stream analytics, "10 facts about Azure Stream Analytics".