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CRUD Operations with MongoDB

CRUD operations indicates to the basic Insert, Read, Update and Delete operations. It is the most common requirement for any database how this will input and output. Today I want to share how to do CRUD operation with mongodb database, which is fast growing NoSQL Database. 1.) How to create or open any database in mongodb use <Database> 2.) How to list all collections show collections 3.) Read / find / search from documents all documents db.emp.find() where dept = CS db.emp.find({Dept:"CS"}) db.emp.find({"_id" : ObjectId("53eb50ab3bcd8479d0c302e3")}) Search name only db.EmpDetail.find ( { },  { name: 1 }) 3.) Search Documents Where dept = cs and parent is pradeep db.emp.find({Dept:"DOT", parent:"Avinash"}) 4.) Search Documents where Parent is Deepak or dept is java db.emp.find( { $or:[{parent:"Deepak"},{Dept:"java"}] } ) 5.) How to update to all users db.use