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SQL Server Database Audit Queries

When we work with a single table in SQL Server, it is very easy to perform audit queries. But, while dealing with multiple tables of the same database, it becomes a very tedious job for new database developers. We need data from multiple sources(for example : all tables of a single database). As a newcomer to this field, i too got stuck in the same kind of queries, so, I have searched the web and have listed down a few queries that can help in retrieving data through audit queries. 

Event Automation in mysql

A MySQL event is a task that runs based on a predefined schedule therefore sometimes it is referred to as a scheduled event. MySQL event is also known as “temporal trigger” because it is triggered by time, not by table update like a trigger. A MySQL event is similar to a cron job in UNIX or a task scheduler in Windows. You can use MySQL events in many cases such as optimizing database tables, cleaning up logs, archiving data, or generate complex reports during off-peak time.

Usage of Float,Double and Decimal Data Types in MySql

When we start developing a database, we have to use the most appropriate data types for all the columns to store data values of the respective tables in it. For dealing with the floating type data values, most of the times, we get confused about which data type to go for, as we have Float, Decimal and Double as well. I, myself, as a new DBA, got confused about the usage of the same. So, i have re-searched through some websites over internet and have concluded some facts about these data types' usage. i want to share my experience with all of you.