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Materialized view In RDBMS

For a moment if you look 15 years back to see the development of Database, Datawarehouse, and Business Intelligence. Then you will see a lot of features came and depreciated from database engines. Today I will talk about one of best feature, that grows the data warehouse "Materialized view" or "Indexed view". This is the heart of traditional data warehouse system which gives the optimized reporting and analytics. Oracle first introduced with 8i, later, Microsoft SQL Server brings in 2000 version. SQL Server's Index view is better than other RDBMS. Indexed view of SQL server is Fully optimized for Datawarehouse queries and autorefresh of data and with schema bindings. This was also the reason, so Microsoft SQL Server gets popularity in Datawarehouse Market. Postgres requires Refresh Materialized View for updated data in reports. And if you ask with MySQL developer, they will say materialized view is nothing but a logically insert into the base table and then i