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What are In-Memory OLTP and Memory Optimized Tables

In-Memory OLTP  In-Memory OLTP is an in-memory computing technology developed by Microsoft to speedup the performance of transaction processing applications running on SQL Server databases. In-Memory OLTP is built with two core components: memory-optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures. In-Memory OLTP, also known as 'Hekaton' and 'In-Memory Optimization', which is Microsoft's latest in-memory processing technology of 2014. In-Memory Tables It is integrated into SQL Server's Database Engine and which can be used in the similar way as other Database Engine component. In-Memory OLTP originally came with SQL Server 2014 . Memory-Optimized Tables Memory-optimized tables are fully durable, like transactions on disk-based tables, transactions on memory-optimized tables are fully ACID compatible . Memory-optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures support only a subset of Transact-SQL features. The primary storage for memory-o