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How to grant all privileges in mysql8

Hello Friends, How are you, hope you are doing good. Cold have been started in the country, specially northern India and I also started mysql 8.0 on AWS RDS instance. Yesterday I was trying to give full permission to new created user from all the IP in mysql 8, It started giving me error 1406 . I was using below query to give permission, as the same we were using earlier in all versions. grant all privileges on *.* to 'youngdbauser'@'%' with grant option; Above query gives error 1406 in mysql 8.0. After lots of trying and dig inside error and mysql portal. Then I created user with full permission in create statement only. This is the new statement with create user which I seen in mysql document portal. create user ''youngdbauser''@'%' identified by 'mypass'; grant all privileges on *.* to 'youngdbauser'@'%' with grant option; It resolved my issue. Summary : Now you can must specify the user's local during

Waiting is over MySQL 8.0 is Available on AWS RDS

Hello friends, Many MySQL developers and administrators are waiting since long for mysql 8.0 on AWS RDS.  Now Amazon RDS for MySQL started supports MySQL Community Edition major version 8.0 in all AWS Regions. Please upgrade your instance to test new product performance. MySQL 8.0 is the latest major version release and offers new query functionality and enhancements for better performance, reliability, security, manageability, and international and mobile support. Here is MySQL 8.0 Version Summary: MySQL Document Store. JSON enhancements. New Window functions. New Common Table Expression & Recursive CTE. Better with documents and JSON. New Database Roles. Index Hiding, a.k.a “Invisible” Indexes Configuration Persistence. Unicode UTF-8 Encoding. InnoDB NO WAIT & SKIP LOCKED. Thanks for reading Plz dont forget to like Facebook Page.. YoungDBA on Facebook