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Why New mongodb performance level improves 7x

The storage engine is the core component of  any database which is responsible for handling  from disk to memory. Mongodb Support multiple storage engine, Choosing the appropriate storage engine for your use case can significantly impact the performance of your applications. WiredTiger Storage Engine In-Memory Storage Engine MMAPv1 Storage Engine MongoDB removes their initial storage engine MMAPv1 and now WiredTiger Storage Engine is default storage engine. So we should understand what the reason is behind these changes. MMApV1 storage engine : It allows Concurrency control level on collection, so write performance is just good. This engine does not allow Compression support. WiredTiger Storage Engine :  Concurrency control in wiredtiger is maintaining on document level. It uses WiredTiger uses MultiVersion Concurrency Control (MVCC) like other RDBMS, So write performance is excellent.  Yes this engine allows compression. With WiredTiger, MongoDB utili