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DBCC Clone Database in SQL Server 2016

What is DBCC Clone Database in SQL 2016 ? During Database development many times we required to create exact copy of database without data. This command is used to creating a database clone is fast and easy way for such kind of requirements.  The main important feature and benefits of clone database is it copy entire objects, metadata and statistics from the specified source database without any data. Here is the command to create clone. DBCC CLONEDATABASE (YoungDBA2016, YoungDBA2016_Clone) What are the operation being process when we start cloning database ? When we configure dbcc clone database it does following operations: It Creates a new destination database that uses the same file layout as the source. Then an internal snapshot of the source database. After that it copies the system metadata from the source to the destination database. Then it copies all schema for all objects. Then it copies statistics for all indexes. Does it requires any Services packs for