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Ignore a table from backup in mysql

Sometimes it happens that you need to ignore a table from backup due to any reason like 1. Table size is big, we keep log in that data. 2. Table that don't need to copy in backup. 3. Database copying from prod to test and some tables don't need in backup file. Generally when we create backup in single dump file it consolidate all db schema and data and if we need to exclude any table of sets of tables, then we need to use "--ignore-table" clause in mysqldump command. Syntax is as below. mysqldump -h <host> -u <username> -p <schema> --no-create-info --ignore-table=schema.table1  > db-data.sql Thanks for reading Plz dont forget to like Facebook Page..

Backup oracle database using RMAN

RMAN (Recovery Manager) is a backup and recovery manager supplied for Oracle databases (from version 8) created by the Oracle Corporation. It provides database backup, restore, and recovery capabilities addressing high availability and disaster recovery concerns. How to start recovery manager in and connect to database? just go to bin folder of oracle and then execute C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\ rman target / <enter> or start-run-rman <enter> connect target / <enter> After connecting how to check configurations ? SHOW ALL; How to perform backup operation. BACKUP AS BACKUPSET DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG; BACKUP AS BACKUPSET DATABASE How to check backup history? LIST BACKUP SUMMARY;

Backup restore mongoDB Database

Hi friends,  Backup is always survival of any DBA either SQL or noSQL. My Last post was how to configure mongod process . Today i will backup and restore a mongodb database (also called namespace ) from command prompt. To take Backup execute command from \mongodb\bin\ directory Syntax Mongodump   --db <database name> eg. mongodump --db youngDBA List of associated backup files will generate we can varify from DUMP folder .. Now just for eg if I accidentally droped database from Robomongo (a mongoDB GUI tool) and i have to restore then execute command from mongodb\Bin\ mongorestore   <Source path> mongorestore  <E:\\mongodb\dump\user> This is very easy step like mySQL. Thanks