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Can You Create WEB Garden

Hi Friends ,  Few month before  this question was asked to me  , at that time it was totally surprising for me, so my answer was No IDEA sir.. I thought this is Non-Technical question because by name its like any kind of Garden and I am aware about such garden... But This is very interesting Topic in  IIS and Web Technology.. This question forced me to searched and share about this GARDEN .. So,  I planned to implement and test in our current Organization..  he he.... Actually , When a single Application pool contain multiple Worker process is called web garden and  Web application hosted on multiple server and access based on the load on servers is called Web Farms.. Difference between Web Farm and WEB Garden.. Web FARM : When we hosting our single web site on multiple web server over load balancer called WEB FARM . Think if we have only one   web server and multiple clients   requesting for the resources from the server. But when there is huge numbers of 

What is syspolicy_purge_history

When   we   installation or upgrade Sql Server   from a previous version   into 2008, by default a job will be created syspolicy_purge_history.   What does it do? Sql Server 2008 introduced a new feature called Policy Based Management.  For example, one could define a policy that says all tables must have a clustered index.  Once defined, the policy can be evaluated against targets to check for compliance. Each evaluation of compliance will be recorded in below tables :- 1. msdb, 2. syspolicy_policy_execution_history_details_internal,  3. syspolicy_policy_execution_history_internal, and  4. syspolicy_policy_category_subscriptions_internal  The evaluation condition is built on top of object facets, which is predefined by Microsoft. The purpose of that job, syspolicy_purge_history, is to remove records in those tables to maintain so it does take up space unnecessarily .  Happy Readding. @Sumnjha