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Can You Create WEB Garden

Hi Friends

Few month before this question was asked to me , at that time it was totally surprising for me, so my answer was No IDEA sir..I thought this is Non-Technical question because by name its like any kind of Garden and I am aware about such garden...

But This is very interesting Topic in IIS and Web Technology.. This question forced me to searched and share about this GARDEN.. So, I planned to implement and test in our current Organization..  he he....

Actually, When a single Application pool contain multiple Worker process is called web garden and Web application hosted on multiple server and access based on the load on servers is called Web Farms..

Difference between Web Farm and WEB Garden..

Web FARM :

When we hosting our single web site on multiple web server over load balancer called WEB FARM . Think if we have only one web server and multiple clients requesting for the resources from the server. But when there is huge numbers of  incoming traffic for our web sites, one standalone server is not sufficient to process the request. we need to use multiple server to host the application and divide the traffic among them. This Architecture will Called Web Farm. 

Web Garden :

Worker Process runs the ASP.Net application in IIS. All the ASP.Net functionality inside IIS  runs under the scope of worker process. Worker Process is responsible for handling all kind of request, response, session data, cache data.  Application Pool is the container of worker process. Application pools is used to separate sets of IIS worker processes and enables a better security, reliability, and availability for any web application. Now, by default each and every Application pool contains a single worker process. Application which contains the multiple worker process called Web Garden

Advantages of Web Farm and Web Garden :

Advantages of Web Farm

  1. It provides high availability. If any of the server in the farm goes down, Load balancer can redirects the requests to other servers.
  2. Provides high performance response for client requests.
  3. Session and other resource can be stored in a centralized location to access by the all server.
Advantages of Web Garden:
  1. provides better application availability by sharing request between multiple worker process.
  2. Less consumption of physical space for web garden configuration.

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