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My 1st E-mail to God, why there is no backup

Dear God,                 1st of all thank you so much, You have made me the part of your creature. You have stolen few things early from my life but no issue I Born B+. You are a great architect and designer, you have designed a beautiful world, human beings and planet. You have given me opportunity to look everything in database point of view. I am sharing with you what I observed. Our  fingerprint   is working as Unique Identifier Primary Ky . Atmosphere and sessions are working interdependent like referential Integrity . All the things you have been relate to each other and effecting to each other just like done proper Normalization . You have given two Authentication mode of life Good/Bad and Truth/False. Configuration and Resources of our planet is with Fixed mode, it’s not dynamic. Sometimes earthquake and disaster turning life into RTO. But god there is no any planning for Backup and DR of our limited Resourced Earth. We are using our resources quickly and

CTRL+R is not working in SSMS 2012

Now I am habituated to use CTRL+R to see the code in full screen because it allows me to hide the result or message pane from windows.  Working on SSMS for Development or testing any TSQL procedures I like too much and I am using this tool since 4 years.

Error : Full Backup Failed for server ,, due to Log File is Full

After New Installation of SQL Server database will be in Full Recovery Mode by default. When our Application Goes Live and Transaction started processing we should have a proper Backup-DR plan otherwise We can face below error in SQL server in future. Because it is necessary to Truncate the TLOG in Full Recovery Mode.

Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - No process is on the other end of the pipe

Error - provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - No process is on the other end of the pipe "A mountain in labour and a mouse be result" .Sometimes it happens in finding Root Couse. I faced the same when I was new in organization. Web application was throwing error something like below …

Create Link Server with Windows Login

Every organization have different work environment, culture and network infrastructure. After getting place in new organization I am learning new things and comparing all those about past windows, db , application & processes . 

Error : Database diagram support objects cannot be installed because

When we are going to design an Entity Relationship Diagram 1st time using SSMS in SQL Server, we will face an error of authorization like below.