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How to recover msdb database from suspect mode

 It was Monday 9th Jun 47 degr. temperature of Delhi-NCR. Temperature was like boiling me and database. When I reached my office( @ 8.45 am) got an alert from one of Server.
“MSDB is in suspected mode”
At the same time comes in my mind, this issue will boil me today.. I just tried to cool my self through cold drink then connected server from my local system using windows authentication mode..

Suddenly faced Error….



The situation I faced  "It was really boil-able  in summer " in  48 degree @ 12 PM bcz automation tasks and backup was failed .. I started digging inside server. I Attempted 4 tests to Resolve the issue but no one helped me:-
EXEC sp_resetstatus 'MSDB'
Warning: You must recover this database prior to access.

Command(s) completed successfully.

Msg 5058, Level 16, State 6, Line 1
Option 'EMERGENCY' cannot be set in database 'MSDB'.

Restoring Test

Then finally I shut down sql server services and copy the msdbdata and msdblog file from template folder and pasted into data folder where system files locating.

Then errors goes out when I restarted back the server. But msdb was showing in single user mode.

Then I  bring back msdb in multiuser from single user mode through alter database msdb set multi_user . After that I restore msdb from last previous days backup.It brings my server in previous and actual state..

Now I am happy but the temperature is still on same state growing hopefully this month end will come monsoon. 


  1. This is amazing, this worked for me after so many failed.

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