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Two way to execute javaScript in mongod

Hi friends, We can automate things of mongdb using javascript procedures . Mongodb allows to execute javaScript through two ways . This post will demonstrate how to automate mongodb administration work. First of all write mongodb queries or procedure, which we have to performe and then save into .js file and then consider any process out of below 2. 1.) We can execute from command shell, without login mongo shell. So we can schedule script of administering tasks that will run automatically like below : c:\>mongo localhost:27017/test admin.js This operation executes the admin.js script in a mongo shell that connects to the test database on the mongod instance accessible via the localhost interface on port 27017. 2.) We can execute a .js file from within the mongo shell, using the load() function, as in the following: load("admin.js") Thanks for reading

3 ways to recompile stored procedures

Requirement for Recompilation :  When we create and execute a procedure it will compiled and create execution plan for the present state of the database . If we do changes into database structure, we should recompiling a procedure updates and optimizes the procedure’s query plan for those changes. This can improve the procedure’s processing performance. Another reason to stress a procedure to recompile is to retro-act the "parameter sniffing". When SQL Server executes procedures, any parameter values that are used by the procedure when it compiles are connected as part of generating the query plan. SQL Server also do automatic recompiling of procedure whenever Server is restarted. 3 ways to recompile manually : 1.) Directly writing in procedure. 2.) During execution of procedure. 3.) Ad-hoc manner from query prompt. Directly writing in procedure. Create PROCEDURE [dbo] . [upTitle_Select] @TitleID int = NULL, @Title varchar ( 5 ) = NUL

SQL71562: external references are not supported when creating a package from this platform

Last week I got this error from one of developer who was trying to deploy his project from Testing server to SQL Azure QA server. He was using “Deploy Database to SQL Azure” option from SSMS Tool-Task option. After connecting to SQL Azure portal when operation started to deployment below errors occurs. Validation of the schema model for data package failed. Error SQL71562: Error validating element has an unresolved refrence to object xx.dbo.xxxx external refrences are not supported when creating a package from this platform . Reason: The reason of the this error was; some functions of project was dependent on master database and only single database was being deploy to SQL Azure. DACFx must block Export when object definitions (views, procedures, etc.) contain external references, as Azure SQL Database does not allow cross-database external references So, this error was coming. Solution : I suggested him to create those function to locally