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SSRS stopped working after administrator password re-set

Hello friends, As always enjoying cross platform Database support and sharing something  new for you. Today I am going to share on SQL Server reporting services. Sometime a small change can lead the blunder of issues in any IT environment and  you will start running here and there to resolve, if things are not good. Recently I was looking on MSBI-Report on development environment , I was new on this reporting server . Reporting server was running with .\Administrator logon,  IT team given public access IP to access SSRS report publicly for demo purpose. For keeping security measure and threats in mind I just re-set the administrator password on windows server.  I was assuming when user will access the report it will ask for new windows credential and with new credential they will see the report. After testing I will rollback the password. But things goes wrong as I need to change more. After changing password reporting server started throwing error .  " Unattended Execut