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10 Facts about Azure Stream Analytics

Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics is a serverless scalable complex event processing engine by Microsoft that enables users to develop and run real-time analytics on multiple streams of data from sources such as devices, sensors, web sites, social media, and other applications (wiki). 10 Facts Stream Analytics is an event processing engine, which can ingest & analyze in real-time. ASA can stream data from devices, sensors, websites, social media feeds, applications, and more. Stream Analytics don't mandatory to store data, analyse data in motion as well as stored. Stream Analytics is built on a pull-based communication mode. Stream Analytics supports two input types, stream data and reference data. It has two source types, Azure Event Hubs and Azure Blob storage. Process starts with a source of streaming data that is ingested into Azure Event Hub or Azure Blob Storage. We can create a job that specifies the input source that streams data. The job also specifies a tran