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ETL Features of SQL Data Platform

Either Datawarehouse or BigData, ETL or ELT is the major part, or you can say it plays a vital role in Data Transformation Life cycle. ELT-ETL used in any kind of data related operations like, Data migration, Data transformation , Business intelligence, Datawarehouse, Big data and Analytics. ETL is Extract transform and Load whereas ELT is extract load then transform. Both have their own pros and cons but now a days ELT is more popular than ETL. This is why because size of data is growing & growing for transformation. ELT also supporting Data virtualization concept where actual original data will reside on system without any modification and transformation will less. SQL server has reach sets of tools for ETL & ELT .  Here I am sharing some important Differences between ETL and ELT which we should know before jumping on features. SrlNo Dimension ETL ELT 1 Technology Adoption ETL is a well-developed process used for over 20 years ELT is a new technology 2 Co

What is difference between data profiling and query profiling

Data profiling Data profiling is the process of analyzing the source data to better understand, what is the condition of data. This task basically used in beginning of the development life cycle in OLAP or ETL application. So its related to OLAP and activities related to this process is data cleanings analysis, pattern analysis, number or nulls, aggregations, group , distinct values etc. Data Profiler is a tool available to do this. Query profiling SQL Server or any database technology provides utility or tool that help to discovery query and slow running queries. Query profiling is related to OLTP applications. This helps to performance tunning and optimizations. We do analysis on index scan/seek, query IO/CPU/Memory usage , physical and logical reads etc. Profiler is the tool in SSMS to do this.