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MySQL Workbench and MS Excel

I am a big fan of SOL Server since start of my career and will be long life may be god knows..  My SOL added in my resume in 2014. No doubt SOL Server is reach in feature and capabilities than MySQL. But today I am sharing you about MySQL's great feature that impressed me related to MySQL Excel Integration. MySQL is really very simple and light application, easy to manage and implement. Yesterday I was working on Excel and I seen an extra add ins option in Excel for MySQL Workbench. I followed the option. Really it impressed me.. Just see below…

Excel 2013 New Features

MS Excel is one of most popular package for every kind of professional in 21st century. I am using this application since 2005 on different ways. I have been worked on excel with Simple tool, Advance tool, macros and VBA applications features. Every Data and Database Professional should know about use of Excel and their features.

Lock Cells in MS Excel

Hi friends if you are going to collect data or information in excel sheet and you want to restrict users to some part of fields she/he does not change or edit than this article is important for you . as i always forgetting after . This is very interesting. 1.) 1 st of All Select entire sheet by left-top-corner of sheet or by select all option and then open format cell window by ctrl+1 or by right click on sheet. Then Check mark yes to Locked option. 2.) Now  Select those cells by ctrl or one by one and again go to format cell and then unchecked the Locked option like below. 3.) Now got to Protect workbook and give the password and re-enter password.  And now check by editing the sheet, you will not edit...

Excel Shortcuts

Very Useful Keyboard Shortcuts 1.   To format any selected object , press ctrl+1 2.   To insert current date , press ctrl+; 3.   To insert current time , press ctrl+shift+; 4.   To autosum selected cells , press alt + = 5.   To see the suggest drop-down in a cell , press alt + down arrow 6.   To enter multiple lines in a cell , press alt+enter 7.   To insert a new sheet , press shift + F11 8.   To edit active cell , press F2 (places cursor in the end) 9.   To hide current row , press ctrl+9 10.   To hide current column , press ctrl+0 11.   To unhide rows in selected range , press ctrl+shift+9 12.   To unhide columns in selected range , press ctrl+shift+0 13.   To recalculate formulas , press F9 14.   To apply outline border around selected cells , press ctrl+shift+7 15.   To open the macros dialog box , press alt+F8 16.   To copy value from above cell , press ctrl+’ 17.   To format current cell with comma formats , press ctrl+shift+1 18.   To go to the next work

How to remove line breaks from Excel cell

Dear Friends, Today I want to share my experience in Excel.. I think Line Break Character is most popular issue we faced day to day when trying to data cleaning/Transformation in excel or exporting Large data from Excel to SQL for Data warehouse. Sometimes Users typing Enter mistakenly in cell or sometimes copy paste from web page to excel create new line character.  So before using this excel we need to remove this character to make it proper. There is quite a few ways to do so, one of them is to use   Excel find/replace dialog box .  Using this feature is really straightforward, the only problem is that not everyone knows   how to type in the line break symbol . The trick here is to   press ALT and then enter 010 using the numeric keypad . Happy Reading SumnJha