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How to see current executing query

There are various way in sql server to see current executing query .. Using DMV          select * from sys . sysprocesses where status = 'Running' select * from sys.dm_exec_Requests where status=' Running select * from sys.dm_exec_sessions where status=' Running ' Using DBCC a.        DBCC opentran b.       DBCC inputbuffer ( SP_ID ) SSMS GUI using Activity Monitor. DBCC opentran DBCC inputbuffer ( SP_ID ) CREATE TABLE T1 ( Col1 int , Col2 char ( 3 )); GO BEGIN TRAN INSERT INTO T1 VALUES ( 101 , 'abc' ); GO DBCC OPENTRAN ; ROLLBACK TRAN ; GO DROP TABLE T1 ; GO

Performance Dashboard

SQL Server 2008 provide graphical reports for monitoring system health and performance. While there have always been various queries, stored procedures,  Dynamic Management Views, to gather system statistics, none were graphical. These new reports provide a quick easy way to print off a professional looking report for presentations or discussions.  This is an additional add-on feature of  SQL Server Management Studio which is also known as Performance Dashboard . We Can Start Report from Below : When select Stand Reports, below built in reports will be displayed. Disk Usage by Top Tables Disk Usage by Table Disk Usage by Partition Backup and Restore Events All Transactions All Blocking Transactions Top Transactions by Age Top Transactions by Blocked Transactions Count Top Transactions by Locks Count Resource Locking Statistics by Objects Object Execute Statistics Database Consistency history Inde