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What is NodeXL

NodeXL resolve our problem to creating Many to Many Relationship in according to data.  Last month our team got requirement from IT Director: How we can create many-to-many relationship graph based on data, automatically ? We search and tested many tools some online and some desktop installed but  no one worked fi9 and complete as per requirement. Few doesn't responded and few suggested to use paper and pen . But  Our Team Lead resolve this  requirement  through a simple tool that was NodeXL.

Csharpcorner Developer Day 2014

Friend Developer’s Day is one of important day for me which I never miss and C#sharpcorner bring again in NCR with legends of IT Gurus, who will teach us new technologies on 28 th June 2014. I am going to learn mongoDB with

My older tools

SyncBackPro ,  Edit Plus ,  Dreamweaver and S MSgee PC SMS Gateway Server 4.2 are my older tools which i used between 2010 to 2012 in previous organization. Sometimes i am missing all those.

Re-engineering with SSMS

Dear Friends , Last week I was doing Database Re-Engineering of our few Legacy Applications. Actually Re-engineering is a set of activities that are carried out to re-structure a Legacy System to a new system with better functionalities and conform to the hardware and software quality constraint. I tested 3 Tools for Data-Modeling for this process. (1) Toad Data Modeler 4.1 (2) Microsoft Visio and (3) SSMS 2008 . Data Modeling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business processes within the scope of corresponding information systems in organizations. All are the good software for Data-modeling but I liked all time favorite SQL Server Management Studio Relationship Diagrams simple-easy, free and having good options.. A little formatting in SSMS database diagrams editor As more tables will be added, these may not be arranged for easy viewing. To change the arrangement of the diagrams you can right click in the

Tool Box

Windows Perfmon,Task Manager, Resource Monitor, Event-Viewer SSMS DMV, Activity-Monitor, Profiler, Audits, Standard-Reports 3rd Party AdeptSQL SQL Diagnostic Manager SQLBackupAndFTP SyncBackPro SMSgee Toad Data Modeler 4.1 Microsoft Visio MySQL Tool Workbench MySQL Backup FTP Old Tools Edit Plus Dreamever Smsgee SyncBack Pro Jmail Process Explorer v16.02 SQL and Query Load Tester SQLQueryStress Statistics io parser. IIS Logs Monitoring Http Watch Basics Log Parser Log Parser Lizard GUI - FREE Query Software Mobile View Simulator MongoDB GUI Tools Robomongo Mongo VUE Rockmongo online mongostat, mongotop Jason Tools Jasonformatter Jason Editor Online More ......