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3rd day of Lock down in India

It’s 3rd day of Lock down in India . Today I started morning with some tips that will help to working from home during lockdown. Here I am going to share top 10 Tips while working from home due to corona virus pendamic outbreak . Avoid working while lying in a bed or relaxing in a couch/sofa/reclining chair. These comfortable setups will make it difficult to focus on work. Ideally a study table and chair would be conducive to staying focused and maintaining productivity. Maintain a routine, get up at a reasonable time, shower and have breakfast/lunch at the usual times. Also ensure you log off at reasonable times and get sufficient sleep at night. Try and emphasize to your family that work from home times are not holidays and request them to keep interruptions to a minimum. Take a 2-3-minute break from work every 30-45 minutes to just stretch, walk around or do some simple exercises. Setup and maintain regular meetings with your managers and teams. Keep people updated about yo