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Default Services and programs Installed in SQL Server 2012

Q:- What are the Default Services in SQL Server 2012 ? If this questions is related for Interview then this can be tricky because as per configuration manager the default services related to SQL server are 4 (DB Engine, Full text, Browser and Agent Service). To check run   compmgmt . msc  from CMD Prompt and select SQL Server Configuration Property. Then List of Services will show like below

Excel 2013 New Features

MS Excel is one of most popular package for every kind of professional in 21st century. I am using this application since 2005 on different ways. I have been worked on excel with Simple tool, Advance tool, macros and VBA applications features. Every Data and Database Professional should know about use of Excel and their features.

Csharpcorner Developer Day 2014

Friend Developer’s Day is one of important day for me which I never miss and C#sharpcorner bring again in NCR with legends of IT Gurus, who will teach us new technologies on 28 th June 2014. I am going to learn mongoDB with

My older tools

SyncBackPro ,  Edit Plus ,  Dreamweaver and S MSgee PC SMS Gateway Server 4.2 are my older tools which i used between 2010 to 2012 in previous organization. Sometimes i am missing all those.

Benefits of Set No Count on

By default the no count setting will be OFF in sql server for any procedure execution. What is happening when we execute any procedure , Sql server connect and send back information to client and client to server. This allows client to show the record set along with message in different tab but this message transferring activity creates an extra over-head on network. We can reduce this overhead by turning   ON to no count so the procedure will get much better performance in execution.

How to recover msdb database from suspect mode

 It was Monday 9 th Jun 47 degr. temperature of Delhi-NCR. Temperature was like boiling me and database. When I reached my office( @ 8.45 am) got an alert from one of Server. “MSDB is in suspected mode” At the same time comes in my mind, this issue will boil me today.. I just tried to cool my self through cold drink then connected server from my local system using windows authentication mode..

Clean up History and Maintenance Clean-up History

Cleanup History and Maintenance Clean-up History related to Maintenance Plan. It is a bit confusing but they are totally different . If we are designing maintenance plan then we should also create cleanup history and maintenance clean-up history.