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What is Daniel of Service Attack

In Short for Daniel of Service Attack ( DoS ) is a type of attack attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users .  Risks Associated with Denial of Service Attacks :- Network bandwidth Server memory Application exception handling mechanism CPU usage Hard disk space Database space Database connection pool

Difference between a programming language mark-up language and Scripting Language

Hi Folk, This is my post for beginner who are learning Computer Language or those who is having confusion about various kinds of Language. Basically a computer language is what computer understand and we use it to do application. Now-a-days there a many language developed which allows to develop application in according to our business requirement but most useful platform is web applications. So I have differentiating the LANGUAGE in 3 categories: 1.)    Programing Language 2.)    Mark-up Language 3.)    Scripting Language

What is Page File

In short Page File is simply a file on the hard drive that handles situations where the system wants to move or page out sections of memory .  There are several situations that cause this, but the one you're most concerned about is when the system is out of physical memory. Tech net  Article is best to configure & monitor Paging File.

What is NodeXL

NodeXL resolve our problem to creating Many to Many Relationship in according to data.  Last month our team got requirement from IT Director: How we can create many-to-many relationship graph based on data, automatically ? We search and tested many tools some online and some desktop installed but  no one worked fi9 and complete as per requirement. Few doesn't responded and few suggested to use paper and pen . But  Our Team Lead resolve this  requirement  through a simple tool that was NodeXL.

3 Ways of Inner Join

An 'Inner Join' is used to join operation in an applications, which creates a new result table by combining column values of two tables (A and B) based upon the join-predicate. The query compares each row of A with each row of B to find all pairs of rows which satisfy the join-predicate. When the join-predicate is satisfied by matching non-NULL values, column values for each matched pair of rows of A and B are combined into a result row. We can create inner Join through various method in application. I want to share 3 ways which I used in various application. Implicit Join Method Explicit Join Method Cross Apply Method