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Join vs Correlated Sub-query

Not always but I observed simple join is much better than Correlated sub-query. So plz avoid to use it, if we have option than .... today i am sharing how a simple join is better than correlated sub query. . correlated sub-query in columns select   candidate_id,last_name,first_name,client_id, (select name from client_master where client_id=candidate_master.client_id) as cl_name  from candidate_master

How to Create Read-Only User in MySQL using workbench

Friends, Till now I haven’t got chance to vote in any election for PM or CM. This month everywhere talking about elections and here I am busy with my work connect-share-discover with database and applications..  Today I want to share How to Create Read-Only User in MySQL using workbench. First Go to Users and Privileges option from Workbench Managements Tab. Click on Add account and give account name and their respective password, after that apply. In Users and Privileges box there are 2 other tabs, Administrative Roles and schema privileges. Administrative Roles is Similar to Fixed Server roles of SQL Server. Schema privileges is schema level authorization process. Select Schema privileges and click on Add Entry. Then a Dialog box will come with schema available in server. Now select any schema which privilege we have to configure. After that give the appropriate rights which we have to give. As I have selected on select. Finally click on Apply.

Dont worry if SSMS not support attaching FILESTREAM enabled databases

SQL Server 2005 introduced the unstructured data types VARCHAR (MAX), NVARCHAR (MAX) and VARBINARY (MAX). And later on File stream features came with 2008. We are using SQL Server version 2012 and unfortunately I would like to say to Microsoft doesn’t given option to attach File-stream Enabled Database from SSMS. Mostly this requires when trying to migrate DB or system or doing some DR activity or maintenance activity. If you will try to attach from SSMS then it may give some errors like below … TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio ------------------------------ An error occurred when attaching the database(s).  Click the hyperlink in the Message column for details. ------------------------------ BUTTONS: OK ------------------------------   But don’t worry just try below query to re-attach db.. USE [master] GO CREATE DATABASE <DBNAME> ON ( FILENAME = N'LOCATION\name.mdf' ), ( FILENAME = N'Location\name.ldf&#