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Top 50 most used corporate short forms

AFAIK     As Far As I Know
AKA        Also Known As
ASAP      As Soon As Possible
ATM       At The Moment
AWK       Away From Keyboard
BRB         Be right back
BTW        By the way
BI             Business Intelligence
BO           Business Objects BOD Board of Directors
CoQ        Cost of Quality
CPI          Company Performance Incentive
CPLN      Corporate Planning Function
CPR         Comprehensive Process Roll out
CRM       Customer Relationship Management
CRR         Consolidated Relative Ranking
CSAT       Customer satisfaction
CV           Curriculum Vitae
CL           Casual Leave
CVR         Cost Variance Report
DC           Development Canter
DND        Do not Disturb
DoB         Date of birth
EOB         End of the Business
EOD        End of the Day
ETA         Edited to add
ETA         Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC          Estimated Time to Complete
FYI           For Your Information
FYK          For Your Knowledge
FYR          For Your Reference
GBTW    Get Back To Work
HAND     Have a Nice Day
IIRC         If I Recall Correctly
IMO        In My Opinion
IOW        In Other Words
LMK        Let Me Know
MOM     Minutes of Meeting
PFA         Please Find Attached
POC        Proof of Concept
PL           Planned Leave
SL            Seek Leave
TC            Take Care
TG           That's Great
TYT          Take Your Time
TYVM     Thank You Very Much
WC          Welcome
WEF        With effect from
WRT        With Respect To
WTG       Way To Go
WYSIWYG             What You See Is What You Get
WFH       Work from Home
YOYO      You Are On Your Own

YW          You're Welcome


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