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Csharpcorner Annual Conference 2015

Hi friends, how are you? Hope you are doing well, as always I am cool. It was 2nd time when I didn’t missed Csharpcorner Annual Conference. Rain could not stop my 3 months waiting, yeah… heavy rain in NCR on 4th April. Organizer Mind Crackers and sponsored Infralogistics, Aspose , MCN Solution and Plural Sight, done well in this year. Microsoft were technical partner of this event. I reached on time with my colleague @ Country Inn Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, UP. The main highlights were the no of attendees it was about 1200 including MVPs, 20 most popular speakers and 28 different sessions on two different tracks (Grand Ball Room for Technology and Majestic for Platform).

Sumit jolly started event as host and later Mahesh Chand sir keep the Keynotes in front of us who is the owner-director of CSharpcorner community. The entire community is debtor of him because his effort helping us. He explain what New Technology came in 2014. He addressed the community how he started from 0 to till now. He shares his good experiences with us.

Learning Track started @ 10.30 and I selected my 2nd track for Microsoft Platform. Here Ruhani Arrora and Manish sharma were representing about Azure and Cloud environment. They are Microsoft’s Technical Evangelists. They shows us about Cloud and Azure, SQL Azure and there setup, Mobile Services on Cloud and many more fundaas of Azure of New Computing Era.

Later I joined back on Track 2 where SQL GURU Pinal Dave sir were talking about SQL Performance Tuning and DB development worst practices. As always he was teaching biggs in easy manner by jokes and comedy. Yeaahhh!! He is awesome man we enjoy a lot with him. How an hour passed I can’t say just through some little fundaas like NULL value Null is not equal to null. In the last of this session he distributed Plural sights’ cheat code pass to some lucky attendees.

After Lunch Next session I joined India's most popular MVP Mr. DJ/ @Debug_mode...  Yeah you guessed correct Dhananjay Kumar he was talking about Onion architecture of MVC. He clarifies us how to make foundation of any Application in just an hour. He opened-up the Onion covers with MVC Module View and Controller... Crowd were even sitting on the floor to learn closely from him. In between session his jokes were awesome.. I enjoy his demo session.

Later I joined Prabhjot sir session he was talking about Azure for Start-up. Here start-up was Business start-up based on Product and online business market. Sumit jolly said differences between NoSQL and SQL. How Document database like Mongodb spreading in database market where traditional RDBMS is being used since 30-35 years. In last session I joined Mr.  Kamal Rawat (Scientist @ Adobe System) he says how to crack any interview session at various levels.

In the last photo session, gift distribution and  get together with MVP and just photography and end of the day by make it successful event in NCR...

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