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Data Ware House & Business Intelligence

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)
1.       What is Data warehouse ?
2.       What is Business Intelligence ?
3.       What are the tools in SQL Server which serves for Data warehouse and Business Intelligence ?
4.       What are the Kinds of Data warehouse ?
5.       How do you plan your data warehouse complete project ?
6.       What are the benefits of DW and BI ?
7.       Can you briefly explain the DW project on your working ?
8.       What is OLTP and OLAP ?
9.       What is Analysis Services ?
10.   What is ODS ?
11.   What is Data Mart ?
12.   What is Dimension ?
13.   What are differences between Dimensional Model and Relational Model of System ?
14.   What are the Model of Data ware house ?
15.   What are differences between snowflake and star model?
16.   What is CUBE ?
17.   What is FACT and Dimensions ?
18.   What is Dimensions and Measures ?
19.   How to Build and Deploy Cubes in SSAS ?
20.   What is MDX and DMX ?
21.   How to Backup and Restore CUBES in SSAS?
22.   What is ROLAP and MOLAP ?
23.   How to secure and Authorize cubes ?
24.   What is SCD ?
25.   What is LOOKUP Key ?
26.   What is Surrogate Key ?
27.   What is Lookup Tables ?
28.   What are Aggregate Tables ?
29.   Is OLTP Database design for optimal DW ?
30.   What is Data mining ?
31.   How do you Index fact tables in DW ?
32.   What is Data Purging ?

SSIS  (SQL Server Integration Services )

1.   What is ETL ?
2.   What are the tools in SQL Server which provides ETL Process ?
3.   What is BCP and Bulk Insert ?
4.   What is DTS and DTS Package ?
5.   What is TASK, Container and Package ?
6.   What is Control Flow ?
7.   What is Data Flow ?
8.   How to Create a simple package ?
9.   How to process, build and deploy a package ?
10.   How to schedule package ?
11.   What are differences between SSIS package and DTS package ?
12.   If I need SP inside a SQL DB to run a SSIS package, what is the way ?
13.   Where does SSIS package store ?
14.   What are differences between control flow and data flow ?
15.   What are variables and scope of variables ?
16.   What is container and precedence ?
17.   What is Transformation ? How to do transformation in SSIS ?
18.   What is Checkpoint and breakpoint ?

SSRS  (SQL Server Reporting Services )

1. What is SQL Server Reporting Services?
2. Explain SSRS architecture?
3. What is the report server?
4. What are the different folders on report server?
5. What is report server project?
6. What is report subscription?
7. How to manage subscription?
8. How to handle security on report server?
9. What is report server configuration?
10.What is reporting service Engine?
11.What are different databases in SQL Server?
12.What is the use of different databases?
13.Where we can find metadata of Reporting service?
14.What is report server temp database?
15.What are the different ways to deploy the Report?
16.How to deploy multiple Reports on a report server?
17.What is RS.exe utility?
18.How to create report server project?
19.What are different types of project types available in bids?
20.What is the default location SSRS project in hard drive?
21.How to enable the project window if it’s not appearing by default?
22.How to add your first report in project?
23.What are the different parts of report file in design mode?
24.What is report designer?
25.Which language Report files made of?
26.What is Data Set in report?
27.What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?
28.What are the different types of possible reports?
29.What is the extension for report file?
30.What are the shared data sources in SSRS?
31.What is the RDL file?
32.What are the Matrix reports and what are their uses?
33.What is parameterized report?
34.How to implement cascaded parameters in report?
35.How to call textbox or any column value of report table in header or footer?
36.How to implement group by in report?
37.How to add a page break in a report?
38.How will I enable the column header should repeat on each page?
39.How to change a color ofcell in report?
40.How to add an expression on a report column?
41.What is the use of rectangle in tool box?
42.What is format function in SSRS?
43.What are the different kinds of SSRS Reports?
44.What are parameterized reports? What are cascading parameters in SSRS reports?
45.How would you go about developing a SSRS report?
46.What is a dataset and what are the different types of datasets?
47.Would you store your query in a SSRS report or a Database server? State the reason why.
48.How would you access SSRS reports deployed on report server?
49.How would you deploy SSRS Reports using out-of-box functionality and how can you automate SSRS report deployment?
50.What is Report Builder?
51.What is drill-down and drill-through in SSRS?
52.What is linked report?
53.What are sub reports and how to create them?
54.What is the chart in report?
55.What is Pagination?

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