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SQL DBA & Developer Interview Question Bank

1.)  Sql-databse-Development & TSQL 2.)  Database-management-and-Maintenance 3.)  Databse-Security 4.)  Backup-Restore & DR 5.) Monitoring-and-automation 6.) Performance-tuning-and-optimization 7.) High-availability and Data- Distribution 8.) Data-ware-house-Business-intelligence

High Availability and Data Distribution

1.        What does meant of HA and Load balancing ? 2.        What are the features available in SQL Server for HA and LB ? a.        HA- Log Shipping, Mirroring, Clustering, Database snapshot, Backup-Restore. b.       Load Balancing-  Replication and Clustering 3.        What is RAID ? explain in brief . 4.        Explain with example where should we use Which Features of HA and Load Balancing ? Log Shipping 5.        What is Log shipping ? 6.        Explain the Architecture and Functionality of Log shipping ? 7.        What are Primary, Target and Monitor Server ? 8.        What are the Jobs running in Log shipping ? Backup, Copy, Restore and Alert. 9.        Which jobs are running on which server in log shipping ? 10.    What are the Advantages of Log shipping in respect of other features of HA-LB. 11.    How to recover Database in case of failover of Primary Server goes down in log shipping scenario ? 12.    Does log shipping works in Bulk-Logged reco

Performance Tuning and Optimization

1.        What are the different ways and methods of performance tuning and optimization ? a.        Indexing b.       Achieving c.        Load Balancing d.       Query Refactoring e.       System/Resource Level Optimization (CPU,Memory,IO Configuration) 2.        What is Index ? 3.        What is Heap ? 4.        What is B-Tree/Balance Tree ? 5.        What are the kinds of Indexes ? – Clustered and Non-Clustered 6.        What are differences between Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes ? 7.        What is execution plan / query execution plan ? 8.        What is Estimated and Actual Execution Plan ? 9.        How do you plan about Indexes in your database ? 10.    What is difference between Table scan and Index Scan ? 11.    What is Composite Index ? 12.    What is Filtered Index ? 13.    What is Fill Factor ? 14.    What is Page Split Problem in Sql Server ? 15.    What is Fragmentation , Explain ? 16.    What is difference between Index Reo

Monitoring and Automation

1.        What are the major facts of monitoring of SQL Server ? a.        Infra Level / Virtual Level / Server Level b.       Instance Level c.        Database Level d.       Application Level 2.        What do you use to monitor of SQL Server based IT Infrastructure at various level ? 3.        What is Perfmon and what are the major counters do you use to monitor production server ? 4.        What is Activity monitor ? 5.        What is Profiler and what are the common Counters of Profiler used in Day to Day activity monitoring ? 6.        What is DMV ? 7.        What are the most common and useful DMV do you use to monitor SQL Server in daily life ? 8.        What is DDL Trigger ? How to implement it for monitoring and track changes ? 9.        What are the Third party tools you use or used for monitoring SQL Server ? 10.    How do you find recent or current running queries and active transactions in your database ? 11.    What is Automation Task and wh

Backup-Restore and DR

1.        What is the strategy and planning of DR of your Organization ? 2.        What is the strategy and planning of Backup & Restore of your Organization ? a.        Recovery Model b.       Backup Types c.        Frequency d.       Storage 3.        What is Recovery Model? 4.        What are Recovery model in SQL Server ? – Simple, Full, Bulk-Logged 5.        What are Backup Types in SQL Server Explain ? Full, Differential, Transaction Log, File, FIleGroup, Copy Only. 6.        What is Copy Only Backup and how to take it ? 7.        What is the term Point in Recovery ? 8.        What is the term Point on Failure ? 9.        What is Tail log and how to take backup ? 10.    What is LSN ? 11.    What is Virtual Log File ? 12.    What is Log Marker ? 13.    What is No_Truncate ? 14.    Explain the Clouse like – with – recover, no_recovery, stand by, init, verify only, init . 15.    How to stop log files growing ? 16.    Can we take differenti


1.        What are the security architecture of sql server ? Principal, securable and permission . 2.        What are authentication modes of sql server ? Windows mode, and mixed modes ? 3.        What is principal and what are principals ? 4.        What is securable and what are securable ? 5.        What is permissions and what are permissions ? 6.        What is roles in sql server ? Fixed server and fixed database role ? 7.        What are fixed database roles in sql server ? 8.        What are principals at various levels ? 9.        What are securable at various levels ? 10.    What are major permissions ? 11.    What are fixed servers – bulk_admin, sys_admin, disk_admin, server_admin,security_admin 12.    What are fixed db Roles – Backup_operator,Data_reader,Data_Writer,Deny_datareader,deny_datawriter, 13.    What is difference between GRANT, Deny and Revoke ? 14.    What are orphaned users ? 15.    How to handle or manage orphaned users ? 16.   


1.       What is the Architecture of SQL Server 2.       What is the architecture of database? 3.       Explain the physical and logical architecture of database ? 4.       How to plan your database and their physical location? 5.       What are data files in sql server ? 6.       What is mdf, ldf and ndf ? 7.       What is files and filegroups in sql server ? 8.       What is primary and secondary filegroup in sql server ? 9.       What are system databases in sql server ? Master, msdb, tempdb, model, resources, distribution 10.   What are database states in sql server ? Online, offline, emergency, suspended, restoring. 11.   How to attache and de-attache a databse in sql server ? 12.   What is file stream ? 13.   What is checksum ? 14.   What is snapshot ? 15.   How to check databse integrity and correct it ? 16.   How to manage database growth and size in sql server ? 17.   How to remove duplicate records ? 18.   How to compress database ? 19.


1.        What is DBMS & RDBMS ? 2.        What is E-R/Entity Relationship Diagram ? 3.        What is ACID ? Explain in Brief ? 4.        What are the CODES rules explain ? 5.        What is Relationship and what are the kind of Relationship ? 6.        What is Normalization . What are the Kinds of Normalization ? 7.        What is Metadata ? 8.        What are Differences between DDL, DML and DCL ? 9.        What is join and what are the kinds of Joins in SQL Server ? 10.    What are the basic modeling of Database ? Conceptual, Logical and Physical 11.    What is Views ? how to create ? 12.    What is Integrity and Constraints ? 13.    What is Entity , Referential and Domain Integrity ? 14.    What is Differences between Primary Key and Unique Key ? 15.     What is Foreign Key ? 16.    What is Trigger ? what are the kinds of Trigger ? 17.    What is DDL and DML Trigger ? 18.    What are types of DML Trigger ? After, Instead Of . 19.    Wha