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1.       What is the Architecture of SQL Server
2.       What is the architecture of database?
3.       Explain the physical and logical architecture of database ?
4.       How to plan your database and their physicallocation?
5.       What are data files in sql server ?
6.       What is mdf, ldf and ndf ?
7.       What is files and filegroups in sql server ?
8.       What is primary and secondary filegroup in sql server ?
9.       What are system databases in sql server ? Master, msdb, tempdb, model, resources, distribution
10.   What are database states in sql server ? Online, offline, emergency, suspended, restoring.
11.   How to attache and de-attache a databse in sql server ?
12.   What is file stream ?
13.   What is checksum ?
14.   What is snapshot ?
15.   How to check databse integrity and correct it ?
16.   How to manage database growth and size in sql server ?
17.   How to remove duplicate records ?
18.   How to compress database ?
19.   What is table partitioning ?
20.   What are total no of system databases ?
21.   What is dbid of mster and tempdb ?
22.   How to copy only table structure in sql ?
23.   How to archive billions of data without loosing performance ?
24.   How to archive billions of data with and without condition ?
25.   How to relocate user databases files ?
26.   How to relocate system databases files ?
27.   How a database goes into suspected mode ?
28.   How to bring database from suspected mode to online ?
29.   What happened when msdb and model goes down ?
30.   What to do when database goes into suspected mode ?
31.   How to change database modes and database states ?
32.   How to change single user to multi user mode ?
33.   How to change online to offline of database states ?
34.   How to change recovery model of database from simple to full or bulk-logged ?
35.   Can we restore master or any other system database on other system ?
36.   How to move indexes on separate file group and storage ?
37.   What to do when tempdb is full ?
38.   How to rebuild master database ?
39.   When we delete records of tables , does sql server reduce the size of table automatically ?
40.   What is contained database in sql server 2012 ?
41.   What can be happen when we change recovery mode of database from full to simple ?
42.   What can be happen when we change recovery mode of database from full to bulk-loged ?
43.   How to configure linked server ?
44.   What is compatibility level and how to configure ?
45.   Why we need to configure or change compatibility level ?
46.   What is the use of resource database ?
47.   What is ansi-null setting in sql server database ?
48.   Why does we use re-configure after sp_configre ?
49.   What is snapshot-isolation ?

Database & SQL Server Configurations

50.   What are the most useful database configuration option ?
51.   What Services are there when we install a fresh SQL server ?
52.   What does use of Browser services ?
53.   What is 3GB Switch?
54.   What is AWE ?
55.   What are the 3rd Party DB tools do you use in your DBA  working life ?
56.   How do you learn new things ?
57.   If your project manager needs a new SQL Server then what do you ask from them ?
58.   What activities happened when a SQL Server instance start ?
59.   What is MAXDOP ?
60.   What is processor Affinity ?
61.   What is Upgrade Advisor ?
62.   Briefly Explain the Architecture of SQL Server ?
63.   What do you do when SQL Instance got corrupted ?
64.   What do you do when you are not able to take RDP of SQL Server ?
65.   When you are going to install a SQL Server on “Default Mode” named instance what will be name automatically ?
66.   What do you do when you will not able to connect SQL Server ?
67.   How to configure max memory in sql server?
68.   How to restrict to use cpu or limit cpu usage in sql server ?
69.   Can we configure sql port other than 1433. how and why...?
70.   What is the Connection string(@@version) of sql server 2008 and 2005?
71.   What is the Latest Service pack of sql server 2008 and 2008 R2 ?
72.   What is your Daily Activity as a DBA ?
73.   How to upgrade SQL Server from 2000 to 2005 . explain in brief ?
74.   How to upgrade SQL Server from 2005 to 2008 . explain in brief ?
75.   What common errors do you face in day to day ?
76.   What are the new features in SQL Server 2008 ?
77.   What are the new features in SQL Server 2012 ?
78.   How to check and configure SQL Server Ports ?
79.   What do you do when you will not able to connect SQL Instance ?
80.   What are the source to find Hot fixes and Services of SQL Server ?
81.   What are the Architecture of SQL Server Memory ?
82.   How to configure SQL Server Memory ?
83.   How to Configure SQL Server ? Some basics and common configuration option . Explain
84.   What is connection pooling ?
85.   What is MSCS ?
86.   What is MSDTC and DTC ?
87.   What is TDS ?
88. What are the SQL Server Startup Configuration parameter and functions ?
              -dC:\System Databases\Data\master.mdf;-eC:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Log\ERRORLOG;-lC:\System Databases\Log\mastlog.ldf
89. How you will find the issue log of failed new installation or up gradation of sql server ?
90.Which Recovery model is good for High IO System ?
91. How you will run profiler on high CPU Utilized system ?

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